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Molecular PCR Tests

Why is a PCR test better than a urine culture?

The urine culture has long been a valuable tool for diagnosing urinary tract infections. However, the PCR test offers several exciting benefits compared with a urine culture, including:

  • In-office test
  • Same-day results
  • More accurate diagnosis
  • Can identify a more comprehensive list of bacteria and pathogens
  • Can evaluate for yeast, STDs, and other debris
  • Identifies antibiotic sensitivities and resistances for faster and most effective treatment

When comparing a urine culture and PCR testing, there is little doubt that the PCR test offers a compelling set of benefits and advantages.

99% Accurate Results in 48 Hours

It is a new, revolutionary genetic innovation in the management of UTI’s. The molecular PCR  test is capable of simultaneous identification of 30  different uropathogens and 8 different antibiotic-resistant genes. IMD favors this methodology due to its more accurate identification of infection at a rate nearly 6 times greater than traditional culture and is proud to offer a next-day turnaround time on all specimens utilizing this panel.



In skilled nursing facilities, UTI (urinary tract infection) is the leading cause of:

  • Infection
  • ER Admissions
  • Patient Discomfort and Family Dissatisfaction
  • Slow turnaround times of current testing (culture & sensitivity)
  • The delayed treatment causes UTI infection to become Urosepsis
  • Inaccurate antibiotic treatment
  • Broad-Based antibiotic treatment leads to ‘natural resistance to antibiotics
  • Urinary tract infections (UTIs) account for millions of physician office visits and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations per year. Minor UTIs can often resolve on their own, but many UTIs can present issues when left untreated, resulting in further complications and even death.
  • With the evolution of multi-medication resistant organisms, clinical diagnosis of UTIs has become more complex. Up to one-third of UTIs show resistance to antibiotics. As such, the development of advanced diagnostics is critical for the accurate identification of the pathogens causing the infection in your patients.
  • Time is of the essence because an improper diagnosis or ineffective treatment plan for a UTI could cause:
  • Ongoing discomfort
  • Chronic infections
  • Permanent kidney damage
  • Urethral narrowing in men
  • Life-threatening sepsis


With the PARCHA Molecular PCR UTI test, physicians are armed with detailed, personalized treatment from the start to advance patient care. With the PARCHA Molecular PCR test, you can expect:

  • The receipt of final results within 2 days of lab receipt, 7 days a week.
  • Decreased unnecessary testing, decreased healthcare costs, and improved satisfaction for your patients with faster, more accurate results.
  • Therapeutic options are provided for each pathogen detected.
  • Comprehensive reporting that goes beyond the basics to ensure an accurate, thorough diagnosis and medical options.

99% Accurate

Our Molecular PCR  tests offer 99% accurate results.

Results In 48 Hours

Once one of our partnered CLIA-certified labs receives a sample, clearly defined results are provided within 24-48 hours of receipt.

Brief Collection Designed for Senior Living Residents

Collecting a clean catch urine sample is not always an option with senior living residents. It can be unpleasant for the resident and your staff.  Sometimes, catching urine collection is not physically possible.
With PARCHA as your UTI diagnostic laboratory, a swab of a wet, saturated brief is an alternative to a clean catch urine sample and provides a much easier collection process.

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